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My Lost Friends is an ongoing series about friends I made as a youth that I remember years after we lost contact. Maybe these are just funny stories about what kids did on the Internet in the late 90′s and beyond. Maybe these are cautionary tales that urge you to keep in contact with the people you care about. Either way, watch as I divulge horribly embarrassing memories.

I spent a lot of my youth (late 90′s mostly) doing my best to ignore the usual torments of middle school and instead focus on the important things in life: roleplaying Dragon Ball characters on AOL Instant Messenger. I used to have the awesome screen name ‘SS Pan SS.’ This wonderfully horrible moniker meant Super Saiyan Pan and then Super Saiyan again, like you didn’t get it the first time. Listen, I for real wanted Goku’s grand daughter to go Supes Sayo and SHE DID NOT. Not never. Still bumming. I also now realize having ‘SS’ in a screen name gives a completely different implication. Ah, youth! 

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